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(IPBEgypt) Real Custom Pages for IPB version 3.1.x & 3.x.x

This Is an example Custom Page Created by Amged Osman (Sacred) - (IPBEgypt) Real Custom Pages Create IPB Applications With Single Click! BBCode / HTML / Line Breaks / IPB Css Classes are ALL ENABlED ...

sob, 05 czerwiec 2010

MyBlu Free IPB 3.x.x Skin By IPBEgypt

This is skin was generated by the awesome IPS Skin generator and modified by my self its simply clean blue skin Works with : IP.Board - IP.Downloads - IP.Gallery - IP ...

śro, 07 kwiecień 2010

IP.SiteMap (IPBEgypt)

This Application will auto generate forum links and siplay them in a new page on your IPB Board The application will also generate links to all your main applications links I have also added auto generation for gateghories of these appl ...

śro, 27 styczeń 2010


Web2.0 Style ...

pon, 18 styczeń 2010