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IPS Marketplace Blog - Mandrill Bouncer 1.1 - Spam & IP.Board 3.3

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Mandrill Bouncer 1.1 now deals more effectively with Spam complaints made by users via their email provider.
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Users are blocked from receiving email when a spam complaint is reported via Mandrill. They're shown a message that explains that they can fine-tune their settings on the site to determine which emails they receive. Quite often the emails they're complaining about are ones that they've subscribed to.
Once a user confirms they do want to receive more emails, they'll be unblocked and carry on as normal. If they trigger a spam complaint after this, they will not be able to manually opt-in, this is to prevent them continuing in a circle and damaging your Mandrill reputation. These users can be unblocked by request in the ACP.
IP.Board 3.3
If you're running IP.Board 3.3 and you've got your SMTP settings configured to send via Mandrill, we'll automatically use these settings for communication with the Mandrill API.
ACP Enhancements
The ACP contains two new pages, showing which accounts have had their email disabled. They are split up so that you can see who has been blocked for bounces and who has been blocked for a spam complaint.
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