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IPS Company Blog - 4.0 - AdminCP Reordering

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Different staff members typically have different roles within a community - especially larger communities, where you may have staff responsible for the theme, others handling tickets and different staff maintaining the system. In 3.x, we had a 'Bookmarks' system in the AdminCP that allowed you to create a menu of frequently-used sections in an effort to make them easier to get to, rather than navigating the main menus.
As with every feature in IPS4, we took some time to think about what this Bookmark feature aimed to achieve, and whether it was the best way to achieve it (seriously - we have considered everything you'll see in IPS4 very carefully; nothing gets a free pass).
We determined through speaking to administrators that the primary use of this feature was actually to get to one place quickly - whatever place that might be. It appeared to be rarely used as an actual bookmarks menu, and besides, duplicating browser functionality should always send up a red flag. We decided to rethink the idea.
What we decided to do instead is allow AdminCP menus, both primary and secondary, to be reordered on a per-admin basis. This means each admin can set the AdminCP menu up however works best for themselves. If you use the theme system a lot, you can make that your first menu item. Or, if you use the ticket system in Nexus, you can put that first.

Here's how it works:

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czw, 27 marzec 2014