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IPS Marketplace Blog - (SD) Sales Portal Pro 1.1.0 - New Version

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Few days ago I released new version of (SD) Sales Portal Pro. Newest in this version:

Full text search
In new version I added fulltext index and now error with search will be not shown

No comment permission when offer is in archive

If offer was in archve users can still comment. This is bad beacause in archive we have an ended offer, and this is weird to comment ended offer :) In new version when offer will be in archive then users can't comment.

Abbility to avoid mod queue

Beacause applicaction allows us to add free offer and we have moderation, but some groups like admin shouldn't add offer with mod queue. Now we can choose which groups can avoid mod queue.

Abbility to buy without IP.Nexus

Version 1.1.0 allows to choose how offer will be finished. We can finish offer with IP.Nexus (then user must pay) or by contact with seller (then user and seller decide about future :)). You must remember, if you use option contact with seller then buyer can't add comment after purchase with seller rate.

Abbility to choose to require: price, images and quantity per category

From this version you can create category with no price and that category will be perfect to "buy" type offer.

In addition we can choose requirement to images for offer.

Abbility to add fields showing after purchase

If you want to sell, e.g. serial number to games, this kind of field will be perfect. With this field seller enters serial number and after purchase (buyer) can see value of this field.

Abbility to count field views in offer

New in this version is field with counting value. E.g. when we crate phone number field and when user fill it in offer then we can see cut number (we enter +481234567890 and we see +48123...). When someone clicks to this number then application shows him full value and counts viewing of this field :)

Statistics (offer, counting fields)

I improved statistics in this version. We can see on which day how many users viewed our offer and if we have counting fields, then we see how many users will be see value of these fields.

Shipping methods

In acp we can add shipping methods like post, courier etc. When user adds his offer, then he can decide which of this methods will be availiable on this offer and how much they cost. Buyer before buying must choose method and cost that will be added to price offer.

Comments after purchase

After purchase user can rate seller. He must choose rate (positive, negative, neutral) and enter comment. These comments will be shown in tab on user profile.

Abbility to add own tracking code

If you want to allow some groups to add their own tracking code from outside system, then you can choose which groups can do that :) Inside stats will be still counted.
Application in marketplace: http://community.invisionpower.com/files/file/6833-sd-sales-portal-pro/

nie, 30 marzec 2014