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IPS Marketplace Blog - Betting 5.0.0, NBA Playoffs, etc...

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I recently released version 5.0.0 of my betting app. The name was changed from Sports Betting to just Betting, for now, since it could technically be used in other ways. Speaking of which, it's intended to be used legally, so you're responsible for knowing laws, in case you want to sue it in conjunction with another app to have money involved or whatever other uses may be prohibited in some places. I made this just to be a funw ay of betting points, though.
The whole system was pretty much changed around on the back end, including the main functions related to paying out the points for the various matchups. I definitely recommend that anyone who already uses the app upgrade to this version, as there were many, many bug fixes. Most were probably related to the new version itself, but I tested this version very thoroughly and for some bug fixes, it was harder tot ell if they were already in previous versions, so you're best off using 5.0.0.
The NBA Playoffs are going on, and, as usual, you could add a bracket style contest for predicting the winners.
Here are some of the changes in this version. A more complete list is on the marketplace page for this app:

Visit the app's marketplace page here!

czw, 24 kwiecień 2014