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IPS Marketplace Blog - Teams 1.1.0 Released!

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I'm pleased to announce the new release of Teams, which is 1.1.0!

Teams 1.1.0
Last Updated Yesterday, 11:16 PM

Teams 1.1.0 was initially be slated to be an entirely new product entitled "Teams Extended", as there are a few new features added which are more social and may not be for the typical Teams administrator, however I have simply made these features optional with toggles in the AdminCP and rolled those into Teams.
Team Topics
Previously when a team was created, it was hidden away in the Teams area and it wasn't really noticeable. Unfortunately without any View New Content functionality, Teams had to be visited to find new content. This has been fixed in 1.1.0 with the introduction of Team Topics.

Team Topics are simply a new topic added to a forum of your choice when a Team is created. They look like this:
Posted Image
The topic title is customisable, as is the forum the topic is posted in to (great for a pure "teams" section, or even just for your "off topic" section):
Posted Image
Team Topics updated with News Posts
This brings me on to my next addition, which was only natural with the addition of Team Topics, and that is to add any new News Posts for a Team directly into their Team Topic, as you can see here:
Posted Image
As you can see, Team News and the News Post into the Team Topic supports the full BBCode, and is encased in a Quote to separate it from the regular discussions. It is also toggle-able - meaning that if you don't want news posts cluttering up any team discussions, you don't have to:
Posted Image
Team News Comments
The eagle eyed amongst you may have noticed the "View & Comment" link in the above screenshot. This is arguably the largest, and most requested addition to Teams this time, which is Commenting on News Posts. This makes news less of an announcement and more of a discussion, which is what a lot of people wanted.
Posted Image
As comments use the in-built IP.Board API's, they support editing, deleting, moderation and all of the standard things such as BBCode, etc.
Team News and Comments will both show on the main team index, making it easy to get an overview of whats going on in your team:
Posted Image
Moderation of comments is also available from the main teams index, making it easy to get rid of spam comments there and then.
Posted Image
Bug fixes
As with every release, Teams 1.1.0 also fixes lots of bugs. The most notable being an annoying issue where the team logo wasn't able to be set, and was removed on edit of the team. The same type of issue was fixed for closed teams being reset to open on edit, as well as some miscellaneous issues.
Teams is currently available on the IPS Marketplace for only $12, and this upgrade is free for existing customers! :)

sob, 26 kwiecień 2014