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IPS Marketplace Blog - Introducing Agile by IPS Themes

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Introducing Agile by IPS Themes
Our latest theme for the IP.Board 3.4 series 'Agile' is now available at the IPS Marketplace and IPS Themes. We've re-styled the software from the ground up whilst also introducing various new functionality. A brand new backend framework, all PNG icons replaced with font icons, live customisation and re-designed profiles are just a few of the many key features found in Agile.

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Bespoke Framework
Agile is built upon a brand new theme framework by IPS Themes. Take full advantage of countless amounts of customisation opportunities to the layout, styling, backgrounds, announcement messages, logos and fonts.

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Live Customisation
Also included with Agile is a live customiser capable of editing your background image and announcement message background image live and in-browser on a per user basis. The customiser will also automatically load the images from your server. Simply upload your images and they'll be read to use.

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100% Font Icons
Agile features an entirely custom font icon pack that replaces all existing .png icons throughout the IP.Board suite. Rather than loading hundreds of individual images, Agile takes full advantage of quick loading and pixel perfect font icons. They will even inherit your colour scheme.

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Re-designed Profiles
An area often neglected in IP.Board themes is the profiles. We've spent time re-designing and modernising user profiles all whilst making use of existing functionality within IP.Board. The new cover images seen in Agile are simply a replacement of the profile background image functionality.
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Free upgrades to the IPS4 version will be offered to all customers of this theme if purchased between now and the first downloadable version of IPS4.
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