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The long absence has ended, I'm back!

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Some of you have most certainly noticed that I've been absent on the site for more than a month now :help:

It was a chain of events that unfortunately lasted this long:

With everything going on above I honestly had no time to login on the site at all, and because I didn't receive any emails I thought all was okay. I finally figured out the email forwarding issue when I found today a message on Skype from someone that hadn't gotten a reply.
I usually always respond to requests the same day, or in 2-3 days at max if it takes me longer. Should it happen again you are welcome to contact me on the IPS forum with a PM, on Twitter or on Skype if you have me in your contacts list :thumbsup:

As an apology I will add 1-2 months of free support to whoever submitted a ticket in the past month after the email issue started. I am going through all the tickets/emails/PMs and I hope to reply to everyone in the next 2-3 days. If you do not receive a reply within this time frame please contact me again as soon as possible! :ups:

All work on custom mods and public paid mods is delayed as well since I am still catching up with my main work and everything else. Thus both Password Change Reminder and Moods will still take some time before they are out. While I am at it I will also test compatibility with IPS Suite 4.1.14, it was release earlier today and it contains tons of bug fixes and changes. For custom modifications I will contact each person in the tickets separately ;)

pią, 19 sierpień 2016