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Copying Settings
Sometimes you need to change the same setting across multiple categories. For example, let's say up until now I've not allowed comments on files and now I want to enable it for most categories. In IP.Downloads for 3.x, I'd have to go into each category one by one and toggle the setting on.
In 4.x, when editing a category, each setting has a "Copy" button next to it, when opens a window asking which categories to copy that setting value to, so I can make the change to one category and then copy it to others (or all) quickly.


This feature is also available when editing things in other applications, such as forums in IP.Board or products in IP.Nexus.
New Settings
We've moved some settings which were previously global settings into per-category settings to give you even greater control over your community:


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czw, 03 kwiecień 2014