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Skinning > Custom Forum Images (New | No New)

Article Title: Custom Forum Images (New | No New)Version: AllApproximate time: 2 minutesFiles Affected:/sources/cla ...

śro, 01 kwiecień 2009

Useful Skin Edits > RTL / LTR Direction Buttons

Start doing the following guide:> ACP> LOOK & FEEL TAB> Edit Template HTML> Post / PM Editor> ips_editor function> find: ...

śro, 01 kwiecień 2009

IP.Blog > Add a BBC Weather gadget to your Blog

Here's an idea that can be used to spruce up any Invision Community Blog. You or your members can create a new Custom Content Block to hold a Gadget or Widget, and add then position it where you want it to appear on your Blog.[img]http://m ...

śro, 01 kwiecień 2009
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