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[MA23] Language File Comparison Tool

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* @DESC:
* This is a tool for comparing your custom IP.Board language files, with the default files.
* During upgrading, or other things, new language strings aren't added to these files, causing empty fields around the board.
* This tool will scan trough the default language folder (./cache/lang_cache/en), then the other language folder.
* If there are files in the default folder, that arne't in the other, it will be copied.
* It does not work the other way, as many language packs may contain irrelevant language files that you don't need.
* When the scanning is done, it will go trough each and every file to see if the language keys (the one used on the IP.Board template)
* are in both files. If some are missing, it will be printed in the result page.
* Due to the way lang_email_content.php is built up, I were not able to compare that file.
* You either have to do it manually, or just use the standard English version.
* Save this file as "langdiff.php", then change the two paths below this comment (in the php file), then upload it to your forums root folder.
* Then access it using your web browser. When it's done, it should either show you a list of all the differences,
* or a page showing you that everything is up-to-date.
* I do not take any responsibility for use of this tool.
* You should always take backups before installing or using 3rd party applications.
* In this case, you should back up "cache/lang_cache", just in case something should go wrong.
* @author: Martin Aronsen
* @web: http://www.invisionmodding.com

There are no requirements for any installers, and it is compatible with all IPB versions as far as I know.

The instructions are found on the top of the file (langdiff.php), or here.

What's new?
v1.1 - Made it compatible with PHP4.

pon, 20 kwiecień 2009