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Introducing: IPB 3.1.x World of Warcraft - Community Skin

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Premium World of Warcraft skin. If you're into WOW, you gotta have this and other in our WOW collection.

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Posted Image One year free skin support
Posted Image Extra features through TheSkinnery.com
Posted Image Expands to fit your board
Posted Image If you're not satisfied we'll work our hardest to make it right
Posted Image Also available in IPB 2.3.x and 3.0.x

Click here to purchase

Please do not redistribute. This is a paid skin listing. Redistributing is illegal!

Beware of copycat skins throughout the net. We are the one, and the only official Skinnery. If you want the team that has years of experience designing skins, then go with The Skinnery. You wont regret it. We guarantee it.

*Once payment has been made via paypal. Please allow up to 24 hours for your skin, we will send the skin as soon as possible to your Paypal email address. We send the skins manually at the moment, so please be patient. Thank you

Thank you for viewing this skin.

wto, 29 czerwiec 2010