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Export IP.Content database entries to CSV (Excel) format

wersja drukowalna wersja Microsoft Word wersja HTML

This hook exports IP.Content database records as Microsoft Excel files in .csv format.
If a demo is required I can set it up. Please PM me.
To use it go to Other Apps -> Content -> Databases -> click Manage Records near the database you want to export as .csv. and finally click on Export as CSV button. Hook has no settings.
When the .csv file is opened by Excel 2010 you have to set it to comma delimited not tab delimited to do that you open up Excel 2010 go to file -> open and open the .csv file and the options should pop up.
Disclaimer: if you have a database with thousands of records it is very possible that PHP will time out eventually or run out of memory and database entries will not be exported as expected. In order for that to happen you should have tens of thousands of records here, but you never know.
Tutorial on how to install a hook can be found here.
Worth a read: How to import a .csv file that uses UTF-8 character encoding.

śro, 17 lipiec 2013