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(T23) Ticket System Copyright Removal

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(T23) Ticket System Copyright Removal

Price: 35$
Version: Any
Compatibility: IP.Board v2.3.x & 2.2.x

When i started making this mod i've never thought about this option thinking that no one will be interested in that but i was wrong tongue.gif

Some peoples asked me if i would let him remove the copyright from the Ticket System mod for a fee so here you got that options for anyone else that want to have it.

This Copyright Removal is valid for EVERY version of (T23) Ticket System and everyone that purchased it will be able to download always the latest version without copyright from the Client Area.

After the payment please send me a PM with the Confirmation Number or write your forum name in the Additional Message before sending the payment smile.gif

pon, 20 kwiecień 2009