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(NG33) Global Ads v2.1.0 Released!

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This Application will show ads all around your IP.Board with support for Google, Yahoo, Widget Bucks, and other third party advert companies. It's taken me awhile to get an updated version out, but I have finally gotten some time to work on it and get it upgraded for IP.Board 3.3.x.

The application currently works with all IPS products, IP.Board, IP.Blog, IP.Calendar, IP.Chat, IP.Downloads, IP.Gallery, & IP.Nexus. It also works with the Calssifieds Systems by AndyMillne, Shoutbox by Michael McCune, the Trader Feedback System by Silvester Web Designs, Tracker, tutorials by Michael McCune, and (M33) Videos System by Michael (DevFuse).

I do plan adding additional apps to the supported apps list sometime soon.

These addons are free: (Please Use Coupon Code "FREE" To Purchase These Addons)
Trader Feedback System

These addons cost an additional price of $5 USD:
Videos System

File Name: (NG33) Global Ads
File Submitter: NuclearGeneral
File Submitted: 21 August, 2009
File Updated: 4 August, 2012
File Category: Invision Power Board 3
Resource Type: IPB3 Hook/Plugin/Application
Version: 2.1.0
Demo URL: http://forums.tiberiumstudios.net/

Tiberium Studios Is Proud To Announce The Release of (NG33) Global Ads v2.1.0!

For support, Please Visit The support Topic.
[Screenshots Located Here.]
For a Full List Of Features Available, Please Visit This Blog Entry.
Release Notes

The Purchase Price is $30 USD at my site only and $33 USD at the IPS Marketplace.
To purchase (NG33) Global Ads, please click on this link: Product Listing. Then click on the "Add to Cart" button below the products description.
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Terms And Conditions
Before Purchasing, please be sure to read the Terms And Conditions fully.

Important Information
READ THIS BEFORE YOU PURCHASE. Anyone who fails to comply with the Terms & Conditions Will Be Warned And Be Temporarily Banned.

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