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Dodane przez: pią, 23 luty 2018

Accordion slider with Transitions and Flexbox Widget

IPS 4.2.x

accordion slider that you are able to expand the desired slide into full size on mouse hover or touch tap.

Responsive layout based on CSS3 flexbox model


Includes settings:

Title Widget

Accordion Title

Accordion Description

Accordion Background Link Image


Enjoy this useful plugin

IPS.jpg.441f433c6202c3417306462fcff647d0.jpg" data-fileid="116588" rel="">IPS.thumb.jpg.5bbe4289bfd3002a2048590c9c6a2205.jpg" alt="Accordion-slider-Widgets-IPS.thumb.jpg.5bbe4289bfd3002a2048590c9c6a2205.jpg" />



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