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Dodane przez: wto, 26 marzec 2019

This is the first of many FREE apps provided by GT Services.

Troubleshooting member's account is what we do on a daily basis. Oftentimes, you Sign in as member to see what they are seeing. 

To do this, you normally log in to your Admin Control Panel and run a search for the member. Open their account and click Account Actions > Sign In as

That's a lot of steps.

What's worse is that sometimes the search feature in Admin Control Panel is not successful (eg. special characters in username).

All of this takes up a lot of time. Time is money. 

I'm a strong believer that Admins should be focused on building relationships and/or new content. 

Because of this we created an easier way for Admins to "LogIn as XYZ User".

It's a simple link provided to Admins with the proper permissions so they can Sign In As XYZ User via a member's Profile page. 

Not available anywhere else - just in Profiles.

No settings. Just install.

More FREE apps coming soon...


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