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Dodane przez: pon, 29 styczeń 2018

A landing page for your community!

Built with Bootstrap & IPS

Spirit is built upon Bootstrap to make the page even more better and IPS CSS to make the blocks inherit some of the class names, and lastly, we added Font Awesome into it so you can add your own icons into your own custom blocks.


You don’t just get a simple landing page, you’ll get settings that will change the Bootstrap & IPS framework into your own. It’s your landing page, make it yours!



Need some help setting up the landing page? Don't worry, we got that cover for you. Go here to see all the articles for setting up the landing page and configuring the settings to fit your community.

Live Demo w/ Test Account

Go here to see the demo of the landing page.

Login Details:

Display Name: TestAccount123

Password: testyaccount123

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