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Happy Birthday Us

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On this day three years ago, the iPBFree Source v2 opened for business. It was iPBFree's official resource forum, formed in a merger between the mods site and the original Source, run by Garrett and catfriedrice respectively. Throughout its time it underwent many changes, including a major revamp on its second birthday. In the past year, the Source merged with the official support board, to form the iPBFree Community Forums that you're on now. In the Source's time it saw some wonderful staff, a goat named Jeremy and a lot of fake bans.
History lesson over, happy birthday to the site.

In almost-related news, we've added a new skin because we like it. Some stuff may still need tweaking but we'll get to that soon - let us know if you encounter any major problems. You can still use the old skin if you like, choose it in the skin selector at the bottom of the page.

Thanks to Garrett, CFR and Gerald the ferret. Well, Garrett and CFR. And you.

pią, 02 kwiecień 2010