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On these forums we aim to provide support for iPBFree users of varying abilities; some of our users have been using iPBFree for years, some just a few hours. To make helping you easier, there's a new field on profiles for you to let people know how much detail is required when they're helping you.

It's out of five, so it works something like this:

1 = I'm new to all this stuff and need as much detail as possible.
2 = I'm getting used to this, I still don't know where everything is though.
3 = I'm used to editing skins and use most of the board's features. I've been using forums for a while now.
4 = I know some HTML and am familiar with most features, I might not have much experience with stuff from the mod installer.
5 = I know how to use most things on iPBFree, I might occasionally forget things though.

That's just a rough approximation - this is just so we know how much help you'll need, and the field's optional.

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czw, 13 maj 2010