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How could we forget.

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All of these Birthday Messages about the forums and other staff we have neglected to remember a birthday that is very important to us....TOM'S

Granted he didn't make it public so we couldn't give him a Happy Birthday, anyway, Tom has been oh so helpful over the years he has made numerous quality posts and has brought some amazing ideas for iPBFree.

He even helped me out on my Application to become staff, nitpicking my application for any grammatical mistakes I made, since then Tom has been a plethora of information both for iPBFree and for nonsense that people only care about when we get linked.

Tom started as .Tom then later Tombob, Tombo and now simply Tom, Tom's originality still amazes me to this day.

So as Tom turns officially turns 18, 2 days ago (30th May 2010) let us all raise our Mice to Tom!

In dedication to Tom I have posted the failure that was supposed to be the iPBFree podcast introduction. Tom is the one telling us to do it properly.

Click here to listen to it!

Happy Birthday Tom

wto, 01 czerwiec 2010