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Blog: Thanks for another year

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First off, seasons’ greetings and a happy new year. 2009 has been a huge year for iPBFree and I wanted to quickly thank everyone involved.
iPBFree is all about the users – that’s why it exists, why it’s free, and why it’s fun. We’ve always been very lucky to have some users who devote time and effort to contribute peer support and resources, and make our Community Forums enjoyable. I feel we don’t thank them enough, so if that’s you – thank you, your assistance is very much appreciated.

My other big thanks goes to the iPBFree staff team. Not only are they competent, helpful and polite, but they’re funny, interesting and supportive and are also in need of a public display of gratitude. iPBFree staff work in a voluntary capacity and when you need help with anything on your forum, or when I want to discuss rock music, they’re there. Thanks to all of them.

Finally, thanks to you, whoever you are, for using iPBFree and giving it a reason to be here. If it weren’t for everyday users like you, there would be no need for me and the rest of the team, so cheers.

That’s it then, I just wanted to say thanks. Bring on 2010!


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sob, 02 styczeń 2010