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Dodane przez: czw, 14 marzec 2019

Do you need a place for report bugs and suggestions from your users? Use the dedicated subpage and simplify the life for yourself and your users.

*IPS Pages Required

Bug Tracker

bugtracker.thumb.png.9a4a4cb97bc27cfec1d5fe6cf7c51c82.png bugtracker_add.thumb.png.2fa00c740353af4bdb9ba118a986f7de.png bugtracker_content.thumb.png.5a1966180d1188fb567e1d42e5955563.png2.0.x;height:auto;" width="750" data-src="//" src="" />

Suggestions Tracker

suggestion.thumb.png.1f83ccbe860d0214e826f590bacc9c57.png suggestion_add.thumb.png.13fac8b9fe91a82f68a4eedd4cfa3153.png suggestion_content.thumb.png.4bd679f85a4aaf3f45953f0fb7940d87.png


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