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Dodane przez: pon, 12 marzec 2018

This application allows you to get information from MyAnimeList and create a box. It is compatible with all applications that use the topic-comment structure.


Supported categories

How to use?
For example: [mal type=anime id=20]

That's all you need to do. After sending your comment, it converts the bbcode into a box.

Who wrote the api?
API is required to get information from MyAnimeList, so I wrote an API service myself. Of course, this is an html scrapper. If MyAnimeList does not change page layouts, it can receive data properly.


It looks good on all devices. (e.g: pc, tablet, phone)

The data pool will update automatically if it is older than a certain day when the page opens.

If you want, you can manually update a single box.

Language support for information in the boxes.

Saves the data and the poster to prevent the page from slowing down.



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