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Dodane przez: śro, 26 grudzień 2018

Enhanced version of the free redirect plugins I made (Redirect on Login, Redirect on Logout).

This combines both into a single plugin and adds in the ability to apply the redirects to one or more primary member user groups instead of just all visitors. 

Use this to push only guests or perhaps non-paying members to your storefront (or even a specific product page) on login.

On logout perhaps you want to force everyone back to whatever your homepage is?

Both login and logout redirects are enabled or disabled from within the plugin settings allowing you to choose to use only one of the redirects if needed.

Single buy, no renews. Thanks and enjoy!

FYI: Naturally, if you have either of the free plugins installed be sure to uninstall them; otherwise which ever one is higher in the ACP plugin list will take precedence, negating the other/s.


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