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Integrate a TeamSpeak server with your community


  • Display members TeamSpeak status on their profile.
  • Send global messages to TeamSpeak clients.
  • Automatically synch TeamSpeak server groups using both Profile Fields and Member Groups.
  • Integrate a TSViewer as a widget.

Coming Soon

  • Multiple UUIDs for members.
  • Edit the TeamSpeak Server information from ACP.
  • TeamSpeak Kick/Ban/Unban from ACP.
  • Synch forum bans with TeamSpeak bans.

Before You Use

  • Create a profile field called "TeamSpeak Unique Identifier" and optionally make it required.
    • This will be used to link ICS accounts to TeamSpeak.
  • View the "Help" section of the application for detailed instructions.

Additional Information

You can access the TeamSpeak Query Admin class from anywhere using the following code.

// Connect to the TeamSpeak Server
// (
//   If a connection has already been established
//   during this PHP execution session, the current
//   connection will be used instead of a new one.
// )
if (! IPSts3integrationTsAdminTsAdmin::connectIPS()) {
    static::$tsError = IPSts3integrationTsAdminTsAdmin::$tsError;
    // end execution

// Example

(See for documentation)



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