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Dodane przez: pią, 23 marzec 2018

This is a very simple plugin that fixes the annoying "%OB" issue with the Upcoming Events widget. It's an issue with all BSD systems and potentially other systems as well. This plugin overrides "%OB" with "%B", which these systems can understand. Easy!

Install instructions:

  1. Add as a plugin in your AdminCP
  2. Clear your forum's cache. To do so:
    1. Go to the "Get Support" page in your AdminCP
    2. Select "Something isn't working correctly"
    3. Click "Continue"
    4. Your forum's cache has been cleared! (You are free to leave the support page and not continue)

The Upcoming Events widget should be fixed! ^_^

This was developed on 4.2.8. I'll update this plugin if it stops working. Or if the plugin stops working, let me know in a PM. 👍


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